Juba Sanskar Programme

In pursuance of letter no. 52514, dated 23.12.2021 of the Higher Education department, Govt. of Odisha a non-academic programme is conducted in colleges titled ‘Juba Sanskar’ for character building of students.

This programme is conducted in classroom mode (to be referred to as Juba Sanskaar classes) and there will be no assessment and evaluation or credit points attached to this programme.

Under this programme, Juba Sanskar classes (one period of standard duration) will be held class-wise or section-wise covering all students of all UG and PG semesters – mandatorily at least once in a month.

To achieve the objectives of character building, a new compulsory course titled ‘Ethics and Values’ is introduced during the academic session 2021-22 with a sole objective of character building of the students.

In these classes, freely available good short Audio-Visual Films (AV Films) on character building themes such as staying away from drugs/tobacco, imbibing patriotism/volunteerism, and developing a sense of respect to seniors/women would be shown to students to sensitize them.