The Grievances related to study, sports, sanitation and discipline are redressed to the utmost satisfaction of all concerned. Gender related issues are duly considered and effective steps are taken for their quick redress.

Students’ Grievance and Redressal Cell comprises the following –

Convenor: Mr. Pramod Kumar Rath, Reader in English

1. Mr. Rabindra Nath Palo, Reader in English
2. Mr. Rudra Prasad Gouda, Reader in Logic & Philosophy
3. Dr. Rojita Mishra, Lecturer in Botany
4. Mr. Prasanna Kumar Sahu, P.E.T.

The cell meets from time to time to receive various grievances from the students and resolves to get them redressed after careful study and meticulous investigation.

In fact, the cell successfully acts as a liaison body between the students and the college administration. As a custodian of students’ welfare, the cell has always risen to the occasion, be it post-pandemic situation, completion of the courses or conduct of examination through on-line mode.

The cell has always proved its credential as a true ventilator of students’ grievances in checking the intrusion of the outsiders. Nevertheless it has remained vigilant on the sensitive matters of the day to day activities of the college.

The institution’s Complaint Management Mechanism operates on three levels:

1st Level: Departmental level grievances shall be handled by the respective department Heads.

2nd Level: Unresolved issues at the departmental level shall be referred to the institution’s Grievance Redressal Cell. Students can also direct their complaints of common interest to the institution’s Grievance Redressal Cell.

3rd Level: Depending on the gravity of the issue, the Cell or the Principal will resolve it in cooperation with parents and faculty. The Principal, Department Heads, and the Grievance Redressal Cell will work together to resolve concerns in a timely and effective manner.


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If you think you are harassed or being harassed, You can inform the Principal in writing or can send an email to (