Botany Lab

The department is established in 2016 with 32 seats in honours subject. A well-equipped laboratory for a batch of 16 students caters the need of the students following the CBCS guidelines. It is facilitated with audio-visual mode of teaching. Laboratory is managed by the Demonstrator and a Lab. Attendant.

The laboratory is spacious, well ventilated and are equipped with the necessary instruments such as Dissecting microscopes, compound microscopes, spectrophotometer, hot-air oven, pH meter, digital balance, hygrometer, haemocytometer, micrometer, bacterial shaking incubator, autoclave, botanical charts and specimens.

Botany laboratory contains sufficient experimental instruments to study the sectioning of Plants, some physiological experiments like transpiration, Oxygen evolution, seed germination. The exclusive experiments are carried out by using equipment available in the laboratory.

There is a Botanical Garden as additional asset to the Department.

Chemistry Lab

Started in 2016 with 24 seats in honours subject. A well-equipped laboratory for a batch of 24 students caters the need of the students following the CBCS guidelines.

Our College has two well-equipped and ventilated chemistry laboratories with all essential facilities. Weekly lab classes are conducted as per batch. Students are trained for the practical. Each lab has a Demonstrator and a Lab. Attendant for the maintenance and smooth functioning of the laboratory.

It is facilitated with audio-visual mode of teaching. The Laboratory has sufficient number of instruments for B.Sc. practical like Digital melting/boiling point, Visible Spectrometer, Digital Potentiometer, Centrifuge, Digital Balance etc. For safety purpose, both the Laboratories have entrance and exit ways and are provided with fire extinguisher, exhaust fan, fuming cupboard and first aid box.

Physics Lab

There is adequate settings for 24 students’ batch in Physics Laboratory. The Laboratory is well equipped with solar radiation, Spectrometers, Traveling Microscopes, Ballistic Galvanometers, Spot Galvanometers, IC Trainer kits, Regulated Power supplies and Newton’s Ring apparatus. There are also equipments like Bridge circuits, Biprism sets, Meld’s equipment, Thermal conductivity meter, Analog and digital circuits, Millican’s Oil drop equipment. To avoid short circuit as a precaution, trip circuit is used in the physics lab for safety measure.

The lab aids students in establishing the relevance of the theory. It brings clarity in the mind of the students regarding the basic concept of the subject. All the safety measures are set in the laboratory to provide the students a tension-free study atmosphere.

Zoology Lab

The Department of Zoology has one well equipped laboratory with different types of teaching aids such as models, specimens, charts, permanent slides, microscopes, and various other equipments. The Department has always taken care to provide sufficient scope for the better understanding, creating interest and motivating the students through the guidance related to various project like Apiculture, Fishery, Sericulture, goat farm, organic farming, vermicomposting, bio control agent, and research work.

Some important practicals covered during the session may be mentioned as Dissection of Animal, Permanent slide preparation, embryological physiological & cytological study, study of bones, pests, insects & plant, nematodes & edible fishes & parasites, counting of blood cells, study of ecosystem, immunology, biotechnology, animal behaviour and toxicology. The laboratory has a good arrangement of equipments like Microscope, Hemoglobinometer, pH meter, haemocytometer, Centrifuge, Incubator etc.

Computer Lab

The science departments are facilitated with two computer laboratories which suffice them for their practical and project preparations. Physics and Mathematics students use these laboratories for their practical papers as per CBCS syllabus. It provides MATLAB, ‘C’ and other programming languages.