Leadership is not defined by a title or a position. It all comes down to impact, influence, and inspiration. Impact entails achieving results, influence entails sharing your enthusiasm for your work, and you must inspire team members. Dr. Dibakar Mishra, Principal, Polasara Science College, Polasara, is without a doubt the most conscientious leader, since thousands of brains are inspired and educated under his leadership every day. He is a true embodiment of leadership since he believes in instilling a strong value system in students while also focusing on their academic and co-curricular achievements. He has worked hard to open several promenades for trailing perfection in talent areas within but also among teachers and students for the overall growth of the college.

It is an amazing experience to recognise such excellent skills and boost their courage and will-power to go higher and achieve more and more in life, whether it is academic, co-curricular, or extra-curricular activities in college.

Here are some such excellent achievements:

  1. Best Principal Award for promoting Self Defence Training to girl students during 2015-16 to Dr. Dibakar Mishra
  2. Best Programme Coordinator Award for promoting Self Defence Training to girl students during 2016-17 to Dr. Jyochhana Rani Pattnaik
  3. State-level Best NSS Programme Officer Award for 2014-15 to Jyochhana Rani Pattnaik
  4. Rajiv Gandhi Siksha Ratna Award 2018 to Lt. Binata Kumari Das