The Anti-Ragging Cell consistently makes its best efforts to ensure that no ragging activities take place on the campus. The teachers acting as mentors convince the students to develop an attitude of fraternity and never allow any sense of discrimination into their minds. As a whole the committee inculcates a spirit of amity and fellow-feeling with a perfect understanding of each other’s sense of self-respect. The college takes every step to make its campus Ragging-free. The cell comprises the following members –

Convenor: Mr. Balaraju Patro, Reader in Physics
1. Rudra Prasad Gouda, Reader in Logic & Philosophy
2. Manoj Kumar Sahu, Lecturer in Economics
3. Biranchi Narayan Rath, Lecturer in Odia
4. Rojita Mishra, Lecturer in Botany
5. Miss Bharati Gouda, Lecturer in Pol. Sc.
6. Prasanna Kumar Sahu, P.E.T.

The cell meets frequently to review the cordial atmosphere on the campus. As the institution has adopted a policy of zero tolerance towards ragging on the campus, no report of ragging activity of any kind has come to the notice so far.

It is mandatory for each student to register in the Anti-Ragging portal (Aman Movement) at the beginning of the academic session.

If you think you are harassed or being harassed, You can inform the Principal in writing or can send an email to (