“Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress.” Nicholas M. Butler

Polasara Science College, Polasara began with a modest number of students and a few teaching and nonteaching staff members in the bunglow of Raja Saheb of Khallikote in Polasara. The President and members of the Governing Body have opened the door to Higher Education for the underprivileged but deserving youngsters of the community.

As we look back 43 years after its inception, we can clearly see a long trend-line moving up. With the matching of needs, the number of students, teachers, and non-teaching personnel has expanded. The academic standing of the institution has increased manyfold, as evidenced by the rate of progress throughout the years. This section provides a snapshot of today’s college.

During the 1989-90 academic year, the Bachelor of Arts programme began with 64 sanctioned seats and no Honours subjects. There were no higher education options for local students, therefore this college served as a beacon for them. With a large number of dedicated professors, the college had demonstrated its development in the University Examinations. Since then, the tendency has persisted unabated. In 2016-17, a Bachelor of Science class with 128 students was granted authorization. The graph of results for the last five years clearly shows the high level of education accessible in this college.

The college obtained Hons. Subjects in Economics, History, Political Science, and Odia over time, and the number of seats expanded from 64 to 128 since 2007-08. Later, an expansion of 256 seats in the B. A. class with Hons. In Economics, Education, History, Odia, Philosophy, and Political Science. Hons. Programmes received Permanent Government Recognition for Economics, History, Odia, and Political Science, as well as Permanent University Affiliation from 2017-18.

In 2016-17, B. Sc. classes commenced with a student intake capacity of 128 and Hons. Programmes in Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Zoology. Since its inception, the institution has served as the district’s academic leader. From 2019 to 2021, our Principal was nominated as a member of the Academic Council of the Berhampur University, and in 2021, he was nominated as a member to the Syndicate of the Berhampur University.

Results of the college for the last three years can be seen from: https://www.pscpolasara.in/examination/#results

Students who secure the highest grades in their final University examination are named ‘Student of the Year‘, and they are presented a certificate and a memento.